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Born in New York City and raised within NYC suburbia by a loving, supportive family of diverse descent, Evan Schreier achieved his mastery of the written English language through both conventional and unconventional means.  

While attending Rutgers University, Evan spent two years as the Senior Assistant Editor of The Princeton Review, where he helped manage all editorial phases of the book development process for various college guidebooks, such as The Best 377 Colleges, The Best 300 Professors, The Best Value Colleges, College, Business, Law and Med School Essays that Made a Difference, Essential Anatomy Flashcards, and Word Smart. Evan also spent two years as the Executive Administrator of a small educational firm that prepared students for the SAT & ACT, where he helped the company attain 150% growth throughout his tenure.

Subsequently, Evan spent three years in marketing, first as a Marketing Specialist for the travel insurance division of Aon Corporation, and later as the Marketing Manager of a smaller company that specializes in business analytics software. Evan's responsibilities at each company involved both the creative and technical aspects of marketing, including branding review, website and solicitation management, strategic and competitive analysis, pricing strategy, product and brand positioning, advertising, graphic design, social media campaigns, and product presentations.

Throughout this time, however, the vision and structure of a creative project began to blossom within Evan's psyche, and before long, the desire to pursue a passion became irrepressible. Though aware the path would be treacherous and involve considerable financial risk, he dedicated several years to writing a grunge-metal Fantasia, a unique film within an unattempted genre, powered by a soundtrack featuring Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Metallica, and Rage Against the Machine, among many other artists.  Evan's dedicated agent is now marketing the script to the major entertainment studios.

It was through this project that Evan recognized his admiration for the creative process, and his love for the English language. He developed an acute interest in the endless possibilities in constructing a sentence, and the beauty with which an author twists his or her carefully selected words together in order to craft and evoke its meaning. He also gained a deeper appreciation for the editorial process, having obsessively combed through his screenplay several times.

In 2017, the Health Division of Wolters Kluwer hired Evan as a Copyeditor, a profession in which he felt at home. He embraced his talent for finding and correcting imperfections in written language. Evan found genuine satisfaction in closely examining and polishing an author's work, and assuming the responsibility of preparing the final material for publication. Having navigated the challenging process of finding and succeeding at a career one enjoys, Evan decided to launch his own company.


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Evan Schreier — Resume (pdf)