T e s t i m o n i a l s

"I’m so very grateful for your help. You were definitely the next person meant to work on this project. I know you took the project and worked on it as if it was your own.  I honestly don’t know how I would have completed this document as professionally as it is now without your help. 🙏🏼"

Claudia C.

Business Presentation

"Thank you for your detailed and thoughtful notes, and for all your hard work. This is exactly what I was hoping for when I contacted you.  I greatly appreciate you taking the time and your skills to make this the best story that I could write."

Chris W.


 "Editing is not fun! You clearly have a gift that I appreciate you providing to me. You have officially had me fall in love with the Oxford comma! I am so grateful for your help! Things will be moving much faster with your assistance from here on out! Thanks again for providing me with your artistic skill set, you’re like a word artist!"

Vanessa S.

Self-Love Book

“I love everything you’ve done. Please move forward with your work. You have gained my trust at this point, so please make the needed changes on your own. By the way, I am enjoying reading this too much. This is perfect. Thanks for getting this taken care of so quickly! 👏🏼”

Bryan L.

Op-Ed and Petition to the White House

"Can’t thank you enough. All the reports are perfect. You really did an awesome, awesome job organizing the text with the photos and the report. Looks like it’s ready for publication.  We truly appreciate you taking on this project for us, and we’ll keep you in mind for any future projects.”

Mike R.

Report to Sotheby's

“Evan's website and prompt response to my questions helped me decide to hire him to edit my novel. He gave me a sample of one chapter before I committed, which was very helpful. He signed a non-disclosure agreement and gave me a receipt for the payment. We agreed on a timeline and he kept to it, which I appreciated. The editing was detailed and very useful.”

Sara K.


"I approve of your outstanding markups. I appreciate your effort on this project, sir. I don't know how you did it, but proceed. Looking real good, Evan."

Jesse C.

Technical Manual

"It was truly a pleasure to work with you and we appreciate you lending your skills to Kelly's application package.  Your work really classed it up.  Cheers."

Steve P.

Cover Letter & Statement of Qualifications

“I’m glad I found you instead of a website. I can communicate with you and you appear to have good experience. You are truly a professional and I’m grateful for your help. Thanks again.”

Patricia C.

Capstone Project

"Your work helped to express my thoughts in a more concise precision. It looks great. I am pleased at the edits you made. Thank you."

Young H.

International Scholar

"You have been a great person to work with and from our conversations, have a good soul and heart. Keep up the good work.  If there is anything else that is further needed, I hope you will allow me to get back in touch.”

Mike R.

Report to Sotheby's

“Thank you so much for your notes and edits! You helped me express exactly what I wanted to say in a more eloquent and professional way. I feel so much more confident about my application now.”

Melissa C.

Grad School Application Essays

"All your changes are DOPE.  Your editing is amazing, thank you for the suggestions, I love them ALL!  You are the best.  🙌🏼"

Alexa C.

Self-Love Book

"You did a great job organizing it in a way that’s coherent. I really appreciate your professionalism. Thanks for everything."

Jerry E.

Business Training Manual

"Looks so much better than what I had.  Very grateful to have found you."

Alan K.


R e f e r e n c e s


Laura Braswell — Senior Editor, The Princeton Review

Evan helped me manage critical aspects of the editorial process of 800-page book projects.  His responsibilities involved the coordination of thousands of pages of copy in all stages of the book development process.  I have absolute faith in Evan and his abilities to forge ahead in any professional capacity, and I truly believe he will be a key asset to any team or project.


Dara Alston — Editorial Manager, Wolters Kluwer

I've worked with Evan as a Copyeditor at Wolters Kluwer since 2017.  Evan has consistently proven to be extremely dependable, and a highly valued member of our editorial team.  He has been diligent about adhering to our corporate guidelines, and he's meticulous about catching & fixing even the most trivial errors, to ensure our manuscripts are prepared for the next step in our publication process.  Evan is also very punctual, as I have never known him to miss a deadline.  I have no reservations in recommending Evan for editorial work.


Robin Novello — Executive Vice President, Aon Affinity

I worked with Evan when he was a Marketing Specialist at Aon.  Several of his marketing responsibilities involved proofreading and editing content.  Evan proved himself to be a meticulous copyeditor with excellent grammar & proofing skills, and tremendous attention to detail.  He is well-read and knowledgeable on a wide range of topics, but also goes the extra mile to do background research as needed when editing technical content. He is thoughtful in his approach and offers valuable recommendations for improvement.  I would highly recommend Evan for any editorial project without hesitation.


Eric Ginsberg — Owner, Solution Prep

Evan has a terrific mind for envisioning projects and for tackling a myriad of tasks.  He is a determined spirit and has an agility for achieving what will best benefit the team and the project.  As the owner of a brand-new company, I often had to ask tasks of Evan where there was no set procedure or even a structure of best practices, and he never failed to form and implement creative strategies that would not only solve the problem, but would also make it infinitely easier to complete those tasks in the future.


Aleksandra Krzanowska — Student

Amazing and professional: these are two words I can use to describe Evan Schreier.  I highly recommend him. He knows what he is doing, and he is absolutely wonderful in it. Evan is easily accessible by phone or email, and that is a huge plus. No stress and no games, Evan is there to help you. 

It was my last and final paper for college, and because English is not my first language, I had a very hard time with this paper, especially when it comes to MLA style, so I needed someone to edit the paper.  Evan really made my paper look like a million dollars.  He made sure it looked like it was supposed to. The final draft was amazing. I'm so glad I was able to find him.


Marcia Mitchell — Management Consultant

Evan's skillset, including his attention to detail, makes him uniquely qualified as a copyeditor.  He is meticulous in ensuring that each element of the finished product is consistent, cohesive, and complete.